What is timesharing?

Timesharing is the right to use specific weeks of a resort during a specified time period.


What is a bi-annual timeshare?

A bi-annual timeshare is a vacation property that can be used every other year.


What do time shares usually look like accommodation wise?

Timeshares are just more accommodating than a regular hotel room. Usually they feature full kitchens, dining room, generous living areas and ample sleeping options for family and friends.


What is a fixed week?

Owning a fixed week is a specific week during the year that your vacation home can be used.  There are 52 weeks in a year calendar.


What is a float week?

A float week is vacation time that can be used anytime throughout the year, based upon availability. Some float weeks are black out dates.


What is a point system?

A points system is a vacation that is based on points that is determined by the resort.  These points are offered annually and can be used for either weekends or full weeks.


What is a lock-off unit?

Lock-off units are units that can be separated into two smaller units.


What is a deeded property?

A deeded property is one that is owned for life and can be given to someone else he or she prefer.


Can I sell my timeshare to someone else?

Yes! You may sell or rent your timeshare week to someone else at any time. Timeshare Liberty Tower can help you in facilitating this process.


How long will it take to sell my timeshare?

Each timeshare is different. It depends on the type of property you are selling and the price of your property versus the current market value.


What types of closing costs are associated with a time share purchase?

Our recommendation is to use a qualified vacation home resale agent or a real estate attorney who can facilitate the process.







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